The world of wine is a competitive one. We'll help you stand out.​

Though rooted in tradition, the marketplace is an ever-evolving and challenging place to differentiate yourself in. We understand that. We know that you want to connect with consumers, want to know what they want, what they like and where/how best to speak to them. Your story and product are unique to their experience as wine enthusiasts. While it can be overwhelming, the process should be fun, engaging and customized to your personality and style. Let’s find those customers.

You’re a smart operator with a vision for your business. We are experienced wine consultants with backgrounds in hospitality, creating efficient revenue-generating sales strategies that will increase your revenue,  brand equity and customer loyalty.

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Whether you have a new product that needs to get into the market, need a new cohesive brand identity or simply want to train your staff, Mod Wine Co's mission is to help create a strong, powerful and resilient hospitality brand.

We bring decades of experience to your business.

Our strength is getting your brand in front of more people, which means increased revenue, customer loyalty, and repeat sales through familiarity. ​

In partnership with
 McKnight Inclusive Design, an award-winning design agency, our team brings decades of industry-specific experience in the worlds of on-premise and online hospitality and retail, as well as strategic digital marketing. Whether it’s through the development of a cohesive brand identity, building you an commerce-driven website to increase sales, designing new packagaing and branded materials, developing a marketing campign funnel,  creating unique sales strategies, communicating your story, developing a social media strategy, or simply providing your staff with wine sales and training, our unique backgrounds position us to become experts in championing your brand.

Working closely with you to develop your brand and amplify your unique story, we create innovative ways to reach your customers.

Wine just got a whole lot easier.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.