Beverage programs & strategic staff training tailored to your business.​

Restaurants are integral to the fabric of our culture, and yours has its own values and identity, one that has the power to connect a customer through a unique experience. In a world that is already unpredictable and costly, with new competitors every day in an ever-changing marketplace, it can be challenging to have your finger on the pulse of new and exciting products. 

Our goal is to help our clients elevate their business and increase revenue through an improved beverage program. We specialise in providing custom beverage lists that reflect your uniqueness, along with personalised training of employees on the fundamentals of these offerings. 


We design customised beverage lists for restaurants geared towards the individuality of the space, cuisine and clientele. We develop strategic training programs that provide the necessary education staff need to sell products confidently and approachably.

A modern, friendly
& personalised approach.

We consider every aspect of the customer experience.

If you’re like most business owners, you probably manage staff who could benefit from expert training in service skills and etiquette. We can help. Our experienced consultants work with you to develop an action-oriented strategy that will strengthen your company’s brand, team morale and customer loyalty by presenting staff with a much-improved perception of your business. We understand that creating and maintaining a brand identity in today’s world of consumer choice is certainly challenging.

Hospitality goes beyond what the customer sees – which is why your staff is an invaluable extension of your overall hospitality brand image. They’re responsible for creating the culture, building rapport, putting the consumer at ease, and enabling that seamless synergy between the product and your customers. Mod Wine Co’s mission is to create strong, powerful and resilient hospitality brands. We’ll achieve this by providing customised programs that give you a competitive advantage. Our core business philosophy focuses on customers’ individual tastes instead of forcing them into buying wines they don’t want. This enables us to provide tailored wine lists while catering to a broader audience who want general-purpose lists with comfort and recognisability. 

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Here are some ways we can work together

Using our industry experience, we’ve crafted 4 packages that are a great fit for most businesses. If you have a larger wine list or require additional support, we’d be happy to design a custom offering to suit your business’ specific needs. 

We use wine as a catalyst to bring people together.​

At our core, we believe that staff education centred around your business philosophies, products, and offerings will result in a more confident team. In turn, a staff that can share their knowledge with your customers gets the right wine to the right people, resulting in higher sales.

By equipping your staff with more knowledge, they learn to talk more confidently about their wine lists, which develops customer loyalty and repeat business. After selecting the right wines, we will also work on the design of the wine list itself. The improved visual appearance of the list should give a stronger sense of brand identity and control.

Whether you want to introduce the basics for new staff or are looking to create a bespoke and far-reaching training program, Mod Wine Co. can help. We’ll work closely with you to develop a training program that considers your industry, location, target group and focus topics. 

Wine just got a whole lot easier.

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