Rethinking Wine Categories for a Diverse Industry

In 2023, two major international wine organizations (The Court of Master Sommeliers & The Wine and Spirits Trust) made a groundbreaking decision to abandon the traditional categorization of wines as New World or Old World. This decision holds significant implications for the industry. Traditionally, the term “Old World” referred to European wines, suggesting a quality rooted in tradition, while “New World” wines, from regions like North America and Australia, were often considered less refined and consistent. However, times are changing. Alongside climate change and technological advancements where information about places, people, taste, and trends is readily accessible, this shift is



Nat Yorski in a restaurant
From the Team

Hi, I’m Nat!

Nothing speaks to me the way that wine has spoken to me. The connection to history, culture and people is never-ending. It creates connections, and amplifies the experience that one can have in and outside

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From the Team

Hi, I’m Adam!

One Bottle. There is always one, that first, the glass that changes a whole perspective. Suddenly wine is no longer just that beer or cocktail alternative; instead, there are wide eyes and the thought, “This

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Bex McKnight in a vineyard
From the Team

Hi, I’m Bex!

With over 10 years of experience in Diversity education and design, I’m the Creative Director of both Mod Wine Co. and my own award-winning design agency, McKnight Inclusive Design, where I develop digital materials and

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Ryan in a restaurant
From the Team

Hi, I’m Ryan!

Ryan is a data-driven, persistent, and motivated individual who thrives in the world of wine and spirits. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec with a wealth of information from working years behind the bar not only as

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