The Product Experience

Food and Beverage is an experience product. This means that its quality cannot be assessed in advance. The only way a consumer can get an idea of this quality is through first-hand experience.

As such, a strong focus needs to be taken on the customer’s ability to recognize and distinguish the product’s quality. Though quality is a fundamental concept, there is a big difference between intrinsic quality and perceived quality. While intrinsically the product itself is of high quality (ie. production), the perceived quality can only be determined by a customer’s means of evaluating a product through information, knowledge and competencies. Having limited access to information means little knowledge of a product and can change the perceived quality and its evolution completely over time.

This is why we believe that it is imperative to take control of the brand and how it is being and will be perceived by consumers as soon as possible. It is Mod’s firm belief that this comes from staff education. By empowering staff with product knowledge, confidence is grown and trust between staff and clientele can be established.

Authenticity is a marriage of tradition and innovation. Customers judge a brand’s authentic character by its perceived value (filling a need), virtue (its higher purpose), visibility (meaningful customer engagement) and vitality (game-changing innovation). By conveying the brand methods, history, heritage, and commitment to making and selling high quality products, we believe that creating a unique customer experience is the way forward. 

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