What We’re All About

What is Mod Wine Co?

We are a boutique beverage consultancy focused on getting the right wine to the right people. Based in Ontario, Canada we focus on helping restaurants and producers to develop customized sales strategies that result in increased revenue.

As experienced beverage professionals, we’re well versed in designing customized product lists, marketing campaigns and training programs to help you increase your sales and market share.

With a strong passion for wine we are constantly evolving our strategies with the goal of demystifying the world of wine and spirits, so people everywhere can enjoy wine as an easy, open and fun social beverage that is accessible to everyone.

By getting the right wine into the hands of the right people, we aim to help establish your customer base and help evolve your business to maintain growth.

Our experienced consultants work with you to develop an action-oriented strategy that will strengthen your company’s brand, team morale and customer loyalty by presenting staff with a much improved perception of your business – whether the venue is winery or restaurant.

By providing insights and recommendations to individuals, restaurants, wineries and hotels through tastings or hands-on training so that any individual at any level can learn how to incorporate wine into their lives.

We provide a new way for restos to have customized wine lists that are tailored to their menus/cuisine and philosophies, while making higher margins and spending less on staff.

We offer a modern, friendly and personalized approach to beverage and hospitality programs.

Why do we focus on wine?

Wine is more than just a beverage to us.

At Mod Wine Co., we feel that the enjoyment of wine is a cultural experience that anyone can enjoy regardless of industry, profession, or social standing. We want to help everyone understand why wines from different parts of the world taste the way they do. Our mission is to expand our clients’ palates by providing tastings highlighting varieties and regions for an enlightening experience.

We use wine as a catalyst to bring people together, whether through our customized educational classes or other private events we host. Come join us in our pursuit of discovery and experimentation!

Why do we focus on Ontario wine?

At Mod Wine Co, we believe there’s no better time to explore Ontario’s innovative food and beverage industry. Few regions in the world can boast the variety of quality and culture that can be found between the exciting food scene, incredible restaurants and local wineries and breweries in Ontario. We love the traditions and connections that are brought to the table and want to help share these stories with the world.

How we can help you.

restaurant owners

We design customised beverage lists for restaurants geared towards the individuality of the space, cuisine and clientele. We develop strategic training programs that provide the necessary education staff need to sell products confidently and approachably. Visit our Services for Resaurant Owners page to learn more. 


We understand that building a strong brand starts with getting your product in front of your target market. We build customized strategies to increase sales and revenue through effective marketing, social media and online engagement. 

Whether you have a new product that needs to get into the market, need a new cohesive brand identity or simply want to train your staff, our mission is to help create a strong, powerful and resilient hospitality brand. Our strength is getting your brand in front of more people, which means increased revenue, customer loyalty, and repeat sales through familiarity. Visit our Services for Producers page to learn more.